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Simka Liquid EFA

Simka Liquid EFA

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Introducing the purest and most effective omega-3 supplement on earth…


Crafted to nourish your health and skin nutrition

Our Alpha Omegas have the highest most concentrated natural DHA level known on Earth. Providing you with 99% DHA + EPA.

The vegan formulation is designed to support health and skin nutrition via the inclusion of rigorously tested ingredients:

  • Chromista oil (schizochytrium sp.) is created from nature and 100 percent water extracted from an edible oil-algae strain, making it the finest, safest, purest and most nutrient rich Omega-3 supplement on earth
  • SIMKA Alpha Omega-3 is derived from an exclusive wild-type food-grade algae strain that is cultured in pure water, within quality controlled indoor tanks. By taking SIMKA microalgae oil supplements, user will attain their Omega-3s direct from the source (without firstly passing through a fish; then being subjected to chemical processes)! 
  • SIMKA Alpha Omegas boast the highest natural DHA level known on Earth and provide users with the master Omega-3 the body recognises and utilises without a complicated internal conversion process.
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