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Cell Squared Organic Beef Liver & Spleen Capsules

Cell Squared Organic Beef Liver & Spleen Capsules

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"How can I increase my iron levels?"…this is the most common question we get asked!   

Introducing the 'ultimate natural iron supplement', a unique formulation of organic beef liver & spleen, with a whopping 60% of the RDI of easily absorbed Heme Iron (7.7mg) per serve.  

Although liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, beef spleen is many times richer in bioavailable Heme Iron. Combining iron-rich spleen with liver provides the added benefit of synergistic nutrients such as Folate, Copper, Vitamin A, B12, & B2 to assist with iron's absorption.  

The nutrients in our freeze-dried beef liver & spleen capsules have undergone the most meticulous independent lab testing & verification on the market.  

Traditionally prized by our ancestors, offering wholefood nutritional support for: 

  • Healthy Iron levels
  • Synergistic Iron absorption 
  • Reduced fatigue/tiredness 
  • Mind clarity & focus
  • Blood health & cell formation  
  • Oxygen transport
  • Gut & digestive health      

Our premium quality Grass-fed Beef Liver & Spleen is organically sourced from the ancient remote grasslands of Australia. 100% natural with nothing else added, simply vitamins & minerals in their most bio-available form. 

Our capsules make the nutritional benefits of eating beef organs accessible in daily life. 

  • Certified organic liver/spleen powder 
  • Independently tested & verified
  • Lab tested/proven nutritional content
  • Free of GMO’s, fillers, & flow agents  
  • Regeneratively farmed 
  • 100% grass fed AND grass finished  
  • Non-defatted 
  • Australian sourced, made & owned  

160 Capsules

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