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Dr Planet Castile Soap 500ml Unscented

Dr Planet Castile Soap 500ml Unscented

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Dr Planet Castile soap harks back to a time when life was lived with purer ingredients with less toll on our planet.


Dr Planet Castile soap can

*Wash your Body

*Shampoo your hair

*Clean all your bathroom surfaces including your bath and shower

*Wash your clothes in your machine and by hands. A great soaker too

*Wash your dishes, by hand and in the machine

*Mop your floors,

*Clean your toilet

*Bath your pets

*Clean your car.

*Dr Planet is also a great tool for the low tox, green cleaning tool kit.

You can make your own surface spray and cleaning paste too!

  • Ingedients

    Saponified Victorian Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Salt.

    All products are Vegan and contain NO Palm Oils

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