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Alter Eco Mint Creme BAG

Alter Eco Mint Creme BAG

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Alter Eco Organic Chocolate Dark Mint Crème Truffles are a seriously decadent sweet treat made from just seven all-natural ingredients. Coated in a deep and dark 58% cocoa Ecuadorian chocolate, the silky-smooth centre is filled with delicious peppermint infused coconut oil, milk and a hint of Madagascan vanilla. Sustainably sourced and wrapped in plant-based, non-GMO and compostable wrappers, these truffles are indulgent treat you can feel good about.


About this brand: Alter Eco provide the cream of the crop in Fairtrade wholefood snacks sustainably sourced from local farmers and growers across the world. They take a full circle approach ensuring every aspect of the Alter Eco business gives more than it takes to pioneer a better food future. With every bite you can join their vision of a future that’s fair, prosperous, healthy and mouth-watering.

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